6 comments on “One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

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  2. I made this for my kids when they were babies…and I think they are both older than Brian! Even as toddler’s they bought that it was ice cream…suppose whoo hoo wasn’t part of our vernacular back then…maybe yippee! I made all of my kids baby food and well, their milk too! My daughter did the same for a woman she nannied for who was amazed. She preferred collecting little tiny jars and Emily showed her just how easy it was to make their own and start a tradition of having the kids eat what their parents at at dinner.

    Makes me wonder how they would feel about this today…I’m going to have to surprise them and see…thanks for the memories.

  3. Brian does have a way of turning the simplest ingredients into pure pleasure! I’m glad he did the guest post for you so that I could find your blog!

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