Shopping for your baby may feel like a daunting task at times.  The important thing to do is decide what are your “nice to haves” vs. your “need to haves.”  Like the wedding market, baby suppliers have created quite an industry for themselves.  The amount of gear, clothes, cleansers, organic products, furniture and toys for your little tykes is endless!

While it is only natural to feel completely overwhelmed, try to first figure out what is the most important items for you, what does your daily lives consist of/require and what stores do you find the most well equipped to assist you in meeting your needs.

Many prefer some of the smaller boutiques that are able to provide a level of attention to detail, customer service and personal touch that you can’t always find in your larger, more mainstream baby stores.  If you are an urban mom, live in the city, and walk miles daily, your stroller and/or jogging stroller may be your first essential item(s), with your diaper bag, furniture, clothes, cleansers and toys close seconds.

With city living, being spatially sensible about purchases is also a key component to consider when buying your baby the very best.

Recommended Stores:

Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

  • What:     Bed/Bath, Decor, Clothes, Stuffed Animals and Play Matts/Toys
  • Where:   Online or in Downtown Boston on Newbury Street
  • Rec:        Restoration Hardware, Boston–Kristen Hagman is fantastic!  Or Online
  • Service:  Excellent!  Kristen and a few other reps are particularly helpful
  • Price Pt: Moderate
  • NOTE:
    Classic style that is charming, simple and elegant for every day.
    Most items are quite durable and are great quality (stroller blankets, play mats, lovies, clothes).  While the animal bath towels are adorable, they tend to tether and fall apart.  In addition, some of the buttons from one or two articles of clothes have torn away and caused holes.

Baby Furniture Warehouse

  • What:     Furniture, Strollers
  • Where:   Reading, MA (other stores exist, I rec. this location)
  • Rec.:       Chris-He is knowledgable, honest and patient.  Goes above and beyond
  • Service:  Unmatched!  Chris is by far the best, but most are quite helpful
  • Price Pt:  Varies-Moderate to Expensive.
  • NOTE:
    Website and store are overwhelming and outdated.  However, the furniture is beautiful and excellent quality and there are many different styles and price points. Very good selection of strollers.  Includes classic/modern options for city living.


  • What:     Clothes
  • Where:   Bolyston Street (other locations exist, I rec. this one)
  • Rec:        Michelle and Sabine
  • Service:  Very good.
  • Price Pt: Expensive
  • NOTE:
    Beautiful, European style, classic colors and timeless design.  Pure innocence and elegance.  The clothes last forever and the quality is fantastic.

One comment on “Gear

  1. Love, Love this idea of all you Moms/Dads helping one another. I grew up in Boston and had a wonderful time of exploration. I am now a Grandmother who is in the business of helping you Moms/Dads keeping your little ones with the needed necessities. I am a seamstress making Bibs, burpclothes P.J’s etc all made in my home with Love, and my items have traveled all over the globe as gifts, necessities for Moms such as you. My website is in the process of being updated. so excuse its construction please. Love to help, Mary

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